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As an experienced workshop leader for Little Green Pig (formerly part of the Ministry of Stories) I love visiting schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals. I specialise in book talks and facilitating original stories, poems and scripts in a fun and inspiring way, whether it's through creating characters using the students’ own imaginary friends, developing plots, or encouraging free, 'musical' writing. I am, according to a former workshop attendee, 'a very nice person who makes the children see the world in a different way'. (see below for more recommendations)

Swan Boy InteractiveTalk 

Duration: 30 mins to 1 hour

Year groups: 5 to 8 (but with some adjustment younger children can be accommodated)

Size of Group: From a small group to a whole school or more!

Equipment: Screen for slideshow

Nikki talks about how animals can inspire our writing. This is a very interactive talk, interspersed with short readings from Swan Boy. The children are encouraged to think about animal characteristics and how they can influence their own creative writing. By the end the group will have invented several characters, acted out and planned a scene that can be carried on in class.

Imaginary Friends Story Writing Workshop

Duration: 1 hour to 80 minutes

Year Groups: Years 5 to 8

Equipment: Whiteboard/ flipchart plus paper for students to write on

Aim: to write a complete (or nearly complete) story

Through Nikki’s imaginary friend workshop pupils will have had their imaginations shaken awake and their sense of self as creators strengthened. For the first half of the session the class will talk about imaginary friends and the pupils will have a chance to remember and draw their own creations, or to make up a new one. From there two are chosen by the class as main characters for a story which is written together up to a cliffhanger. After this the class has 15 minutes to carry on the story, independently or in groups, bringing in their own character if they wish.


10 minute Assembly Poem

Duration: 10 minutes

Year Groups: All

Equpment: Screen, 3 pupil helpers

Working with the whole school to democratically write a poem and inspire creativity in just 10 minutes. (It sounds crazy, but it really works.) The poem can be extended or improved in further lessons. Pupils become very passionate about having their word chosen, and are very pleased with the resulting work.


Goodnight, Boy talk - Breaking the rules

All the best writers know the rules, and when to break them. Find out how, and why I created the unusual, second person format with fragmented text in Goodnight, Boy, and have a go at being wildly creative and musical in your own writing.

Your assembly was a breath of fresh air, you got us all thinking creatively before 9 o’clock in the morning and what a lovely poem we had all helped to produce within 10 minutes. You sent the whole school off to their first lesson completely energised, well done!

Lucy Dean, Librarian, BHHS, Brighton


It was spectacular to play the game where we made a script with the funny characters!

Year 6 pupil, Durrington Junior School


Just this morning, my Year 7 class were quoting you. We have really benefited from your visit – you made a difference in such a short time. Thank you once again. 

Roland Miles, Handcross Park School


Nikki had just the right balance of humour, creativity and interest and a great rapport with the children. One member of the audience said, "I could have listened to her all day!" The poetry slam was inspired and the children found themselves writing a whole poem in about five minutes. Brilliant! 

Victoria Dilley, Lindfield Litfest


Nikki Sheehan visited us at Hampton School in May 2015, and over six sessions she delivered workshops to the whole of our year 7. Our boys really enjoyed the sessions, they were engaged throughout, and Nikki was great at involving them and drawing out ideas.  I would definitely recommend Nikki to a school looking for a visiting author.

Karl Hemsley - Hampton School


It was interesting to meet Nikki as she gave us an insight into her thoughts and taught us to see the world differently. I have definitely become more involved with writing, and the creative writing we did with her was really inspiring.

Y8 Pupil, Blatchington Mill School

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